A Young Entrepreneur

laptop-958239Do you have what it takes to be a young Entrepreneur? Well I know I did and let’s just say this I’m not over the hill just yet. I remember when I first launched my online business I was terrified and unsure of what I was doing. I took the plunge and I never looked back. I know you must be wondering, what exactly do you do online?

What I do is quite simple I provide marketing and lead generation services for Small business owners. I also create them custom online directories tailored to their industry. I recently launched a directory for Chiropractor’s in a major city and let’s say they are very happy. I did this once and I repeated over a hundred times for a hundred businesses. I have worked with Plumbing Contractors, Electricians, Roofers, Dj’s you name it I have been a part of it.

When Did I know it was time? I pride myself in knowing what questions my readers and students will ask me. My time came one day while I was at work behind my desk job. Yes, I had the typical 9-5 working for a health insurance agency. I would go to work feeling slightly depressed and not excited at all to perform my daily duties.

This job became so monotonous and predictable I would do my job the day before. I did this because I wanted to use my time at work not only to get paid but to do some research on online work. The Ironic thing is that this forsaken Health Insurance job was so easy I could do it at home on my laptop. I was after just that, “the laptop lifestyle”.

Is The Laptop Lifestyle Real? I will be the first to tell you that YES, this life is real! I have ran into so many folks who have doubted this life. I would show them my results of what I was doing and they still did not believe. Don’t get it twisted, just like anything else this takes hard work and dedication. It might sound deceiving, “laptop lifestyle” but your laptop will not miraculously spit money out at you. You have to put in the reps and keep your mindset conditioned to win at all times.

What is the road to Entrepreneurship like? Listen to me closely this road is bumpy and unforgivable at times. You will fall down and get back up, fall down and get up the fight never stops. You will also interact with the doubters but haters are good, use them to thrive. I failed miserably my first two years but I kept fighting to become the first Young Entrepreneur in my family.

Your Why. Your why can be anything, children, mother, dad, father etc. If you keep in mind your why quitting or failing is never an option. Letting my Family down was the biggest fear I had for sure, losing scared me but letting them down was what I feared the most.

Do you still want to become a Young Entrepreneur? Let me know!