The Online Directory Business

viral-marketing-784218The Online Directory Business was the best way to go a couple years ago and it still is banking profit. Now that I’m on a higher level all the income produced from one site is strictly for charity. Yes charity, I learned quickly as a Young Entrepreneur that being an entrepreneur is about giving back when you reach certain a level in your entrepreneurship.

I remember the day I started my first directory site I cashed in and left my 9-5 weeks later. I made the directory and was sure to include everything from wedding planning to local painting contractors Niagara on the Lake ON and more. It was simple, a bride, groom or wedding planner would find the site and enter specific information about their wedding day. I created this directory in such a way that it would connect a local client to a local wedding planner.

I was excited when I first connected client and business owner. Of course I loved the profit I made off the site but that feeling was incredible. I solved a problem for both the client and business owner that feeling was like floating on a cloud. I helped a business owner get attention for his business let’s just say my skills allowed my site to be more visible than his online.

Its simple guys, through my research I found a problem and I basically solved it. Local business owners do not know the slightest thing about online marketing. I changed my approach and simply educated them on how to increase visibility for their website. Entrepreneurs are not born they are made, I told myself I would be the best Entrepreneur not only in my family but on this planet (Sorry Cuban).

Check out this Video on my current Business Model:

It took me sometime to figure out this online directory business thing but I did with grit and dedication. I figured out a way to generate tons of qualified local leads when most didn’t. This is when I expanded my business and mind. I rinsed and repeated what I learned and began teaching the owners how to implement this strategy themselves.

Some of them preferred that I would handle it because I was that good. When I grew my media company I began hiring staff, hiring others is another thing you will have to do as an Entrepreneur. As I grew my team grew I knew what I was doing not only helped Local Businesses but it provided work for others.

When you help yourself you can help others that simple. I quickly pulled in family and friends who wanted to work for themselves, but I quickly learned this game is not for everyone. Mixing Family or Friends with business can be a tricky thing to deal with. It can mean the most or the worst for you and everyone included. Some have the heart and drive but are they ready to put in all the hard work in.

This game comes with long days and nights, ask yourself are you ready? Entrepreneurship is one heck of a game.