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Giving Back is The Mission

heart-954977I want to take time in this post to touch on something specific. I know I have been babbling about entrepreneur this, entrepreneur that. Initially I was going to launch this site to show off my success and talk tons of trash.

Then I took a few seconds to really think about the content I would be pushing out to the world. So I decided to go in a different direction with this site, I wanted to be different. I want the world to know that whatever you want to be in life you can do it. Whether you are a college student or own a local St Louis towing company regardless of your field, I want you to keep on pushing yourself to do what makes you happy.

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Mixing Family and Friends

Mixing family and friends into your entrepreneurship journey is tricky for sure. Some may support you others will not. Think about this you may see what I see one or two ways, as “9-5er” or a fellow entrepreneur. Most folks are comfortable with their full time job and are secure with that steady paycheck.

That’s all good and well but there a select few who have that eye of the tiger. The Entrepreneur knows there is more to life than a full time job. I learned the hard way that a mindset is a mindset.

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The Online Directory Business

viral-marketing-784218The Online Directory Business was the best way to go a couple years ago and it still is banking profit. Now that I’m on a higher level all the income produced from one site is strictly for charity. Yes charity, I learned quickly as a Young Entrepreneur that being an entrepreneur is about giving back when you reach certain a level in your entrepreneurship.

I remember the day I started my first directory site I cashed in and left my 9-5 weeks later. I made the directory and was sure to include everything from wedding planning to local painting contractors Niagara on the Lake ON and more. It was simple, a bride, groom or wedding planner would find the site and enter specific information about their wedding day. I created this directory in such a way that it would connect a local client to a local wedding planner.

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A Young Entrepreneur

laptop-958239Do you have what it takes to be a young Entrepreneur? Well I know I did and let’s just say this I’m not over the hill just yet. I remember when I first launched my online business I was terrified and unsure of what I was doing. I took the plunge and I never looked back. I know you must be wondering, what exactly do you do online?

What I do is quite simple I provide marketing and lead generation services for Small business owners. I also create them custom online directories tailored to their industry. I recently launched a directory for Chiropractor’s in a major city and let’s say they are very happy. I did this once and I repeated over a hundred times for a hundred businesses. I have worked with Plumbing Contractors, Electricians, Roofers, Dj’s you name it I have been a part of it.

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