Giving Back is The Mission

heart-954977I want to take time in this post to touch on something specific. I know I have been babbling about entrepreneur this, entrepreneur that. Initially I was going to launch this site to show off my success and talk tons of trash.

Then I took a few seconds to really think about the content I would be pushing out to the world. So I decided to go in a different direction with this site, I wanted to be different. I want the world to know that whatever you want to be in life you can do it. Whether you are a college student or own a local St Louis towing company regardless of your field, I want you to keep on pushing yourself to do what makes you happy.

I can sit here and slam “regular thinking” people and say hey if you do not become an entrepreneur you are worthless. That’s not me, so what I want to do is share all the good that comes with being in a position of power. It’s all about giving back to your family and community, yes you can do that as “regular” Joe.

I just feel like when you increase your income and influence it gives you more of an opportunity to give back. So yea I could sit here and tell you the good and bad about this life but it’s ultimately up to you. I will continue to work towards my goals and accomplishing my mission, helping others. It’s all about awareness folks!

I love this life and I will not give it up, if I did I would be letting my family down. Letting my loved ones down is never a thought or option. Keep on pushing and be great at what you do but if you need a mentor to help you take that leap contact me.

“This life is one, be great at it”!