Mixing Family and Friends

Mixing family and friends into your entrepreneurship journey is tricky for sure. Some may support you others will not. Think about this you may see what I see one or two ways, as “9-5er” or a fellow entrepreneur. Most folks are comfortable with their full time job and are secure with that steady paycheck.

That’s all good and well but there a select few who have that eye of the tiger. The Entrepreneur knows there is more to life than a full time job. I learned the hard way that a mindset is a mindset.

I incorporated my Brother-In law into the business, what was I thinking? He seen the profits I was pulling in and wanted to learn what I was doing. I ran down the whole scenario to him and how it worked. I made it clear to him and I gave him two options, do you want to be an entrepreneur or a bumble bee in the hive. Naturally he wanted to be a “Boss” and run his own show so I showed him the ropes. He practiced and I taught him it was a daily thing while I taught my students, the business began to grow and grow.

family-750293After sometime I let him loose but a funny thing happened, he had no idea where to start. It was amazing how this guy thought his computer would begin to spit money at him. He did want to put the reps in that simple.

He thought he would press one button and he could go to sleep, boy was he mistaken. It took some time but we eventually parted ways I could write a book on the drama’s that when on behind the scenes. Let’s just say he was not mentally built for this long term game and getting “rich quick” was never real.

I give young, old and new entrepreneurs the same advice all the time be careful who you add to your team Family or Friends. I lost money behind making some awful decisions you will make some on your journey as a business man or women. Remember there is no perfect formula or strategy you have to just jump in and learn from your decisions.

I have also lost some friends simply because my vison and opinions was something they could not see. Another friendly tip “they”, meaning family and friends are not that easy to convert.

Just because you want to become an entrepreneur does not mean they do, you will have some lonely time on your climb. Not all my experiences with my people have been negative, I have created some good entrepreneurs. Ok I did not create them I just provided some motivation and direction. They were the ones who pushed and made their own way.

At the end of the day becoming your own boss is scary and challenging so I could never be mad at anyone who might not get. They are just not ready maybe one day they will see the light!